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Time:2019-07-27 16:57:00
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Luoyang Yadian Machinery Equipment Co.ltd  is a professional precision bearing manufacturer,located in the well-kown bearing production base-luoyang city. Many workers with middle and senior bearing production management experiences and the Technicians can supply you perfect products technical service.Mainly produce high precision bearings,precision level is P5,P4,P2. bearing size range is from Inner ring 20mm to outer ring 1300mm,also can supply custom made ones.
Products Line
1.YRT rotary table bearings YRT50.....YRT1200
2.YRTS high speed Axial Radial Load Rotary table bearing YRTS200....YRTS460
3.YRTM rotary table bearings with AMO angle measuring system to improve the accurancy. YRTM150.....YRTM460
4.ZKLDF serie bi-direction thrust angular contact ball bearings  ZKLDF100.....ZKLDF460
5. RB/CRB/CRBC  series crossed roller bearings Inner ring rotate bearing  id 35mm----1500mm
6.RE series crossed roller bearings ,Outer ring rotate id 35mm----1500mm
7.RA thin section crossed roller bearing id 100mm---200mm
8.SX series crossed roller bearings ,ID 70mm--------500mm
9.RU Series integrate inner ring and outer ring ,industrial robots use cross roller bearing RU42---RU445
10.XU/XSU series cross roller slewing bearing,XU050077---XU300515,XSU080168---XSU090398
11.CRBH series integrate inner ring and outer ring cross roller bearing  CRBH5013------CRBH25025
12.XR/JXR Crossed Tapered Roller Bearings ,used for high speed vertical lathe XR496051---XR,XR678052,XR766051,XR855053,XR882055,XR889058,JXR637050,JXR652050,JXR699050.
13.Thin section ball bearings KA,KG,KD series. 
14.Ceramic bearings 
15.Slewing bearings
16.Harmonic Drive Use bearing Crossed Roller Bearings and Flexible Ball Bearings
17.Custom made bearings
Products have been exported to Germany,Italy,Korea,Japan,America,Belgium,Turkey etc. The most application area is precision rotation working table,machining center ,rotary table,Industrial robot joints and rotation,manipulator rotation parts,calculator,IC manufacturing equipments,CNC machine tool,Automation industry,direct drive motor,precision instrument,radar,Medical  equipment,printing,textile industries etc. Replace INA/FAG/THK/IKO/TIMKEN/PSL/NACHI etc. 

Our story

1.Produce from year 2003

2.Established in year 2008

3. Renamed in Year 2016
3.Production Line from Common Precision bearings to high precision CNC machine tool bearings and industrial robots bearings 
We are growing all the time~

Luoyang Yadian Machinery Equipment Co.ltd