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CNC Rotary Tables
Time:2021-12-02 17:03:00

The use of CNC turntable makes the use of related machinery more convenient and faster. 

How much do we know about the four major structures of CNC turntable?

1. Drive the hydraulic turntable uses a hydraulic drive rack or hydraulic motor to provide power through the rack drive gear or hydraulic motor drive gear, while the electric turntable uses a servo motor to provide power.

2. Indexing positioning The equal division turntable generally adopts end gear disc indexing positioning, and the arbitrary indexing turntable generally adopts high-precision worm and worm gear indexing positioning.

3. Brake mechanism The brake of the equal division turntable generally adopts hydraulic pressure, which applies a certain pressure to the meshing gear discs, so that the end gear discs can be reliably engaged and positioned.

4. The transmission has rack and pinion transmission, worm and worm gear transmission. The electric turntable generally transmits the power of the motor to the worm through a pair of gears, and drives the turntable for indexing. The hydraulic turntable adopts a transmission structure driven by a hydraulic motor, similar to The electric turntable adopts a rack and pinion, and it is indexed by a rack and pinion driven by a piston, which meshes with the fixed gear on the table surface.

The product quality of the four major structures of the CNC turntable determines the quality of the CNC turntable, so you must pay attention to the quality of these four major structures when purchasing related machines.

The recommended CNC turntables are CYTEC CNC Rotary tables, IRTS CNC Rotary tables, FIBRO CNC Rotary tables, etc. One of the core parts is cnc rotary table  bearing with axial radial load and high precision which we can supply  Rotary table bearings selection and parameters

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